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There is no pill, but I thought it a miracle to be free of weight battles after struggling my whole life as a fat person.  Don’t just lose weight, seek something better: enjoy an ideal weight while you have a peaceful relationship with your body.

Author Tres Hatch

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Miracle Pill reveals how to eat what you want and stay thin forever.  Because of these 10 Truths, chef Tres Hatch lost 110-pounds, without dieting.  Even more remarkably, she permanently changed herself from someone who battles her weight, to someone in harmony with her body—without sacrificing her love for yummy food.

How can any book do this?  By learning to think like a thin person.  With common sense and a goal of health, rather than strictly weight loss, Miracle Pill teaches how to connect to your body and get your body prompting you like a healthy, thin person.  Ultimately, those healthy behaviors become permanent and the body takes on the ideal shape for each individual, without diets, gimmicks, or extreme workouts.  Living in harmony with your body really is the only permanent weight-loss method—and Miracle Pill helps you change your impulses so you desire correct fuel and consistent, moderate exercise.  The best part is: correct fuel includes all the great treats you love.

Sexy Jeans“As a chef and foodie, I am surrounded by good food all the time,” said author Tres Hatch.  “If I can eat without restriction and have chocolate every day, and still fit into sexy jeans, I think that is something worth sharing—which is why I wrote Miracle Pill.”

What Tres came to realize is that weight loss is not about how much you eat or exercise—it is about how you think.  These 10 Truths and the principles behind them help you create a lifestyle of daily activity and choosing food your body needs. Did you know your body comes equipped to tell you exactly what you need to eat and when you need to eat it?  When you respond to these cues your body becomes balanced and your metabolism starts to speed up and use fat for fuel.  If you listen to your body long enough it will take on the shape of a healthy, trim, you.

In addition to the 10 Truths, Miracle Pill is full of personal anecdotes, colorful photos, graphics, tested recipes, and workbook-style exercises.  These exercises are important.  They help you make lifelong changes to your habits.  Also included is a troubleshooting dialogue to help overcome obstacles and setbacks, pantry-stock recommendations, and even motivational thoughts designed to be cut out and taped to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or wherever you want to be inspired.